Vice Arabia

المصور المغربي محمد كيليطو يوثق تفاصيل الحجر المنزلي من خلال والديه

.كنت أقوم بالتصوير بشكل حصري بالألوان. لكن أزمة فيروس كورونا الحالية كما تبدو في خيالي، ألهمتني للتصوير بالأبيض والأسود. لقراءة المقال إضغط على الرابط 

As I am currently at home with my parents who are elderly and have a weak immune system, I am taking preventive measures by avoiding going out to diminish the chances of contamination, as they are very sensitive cases.

I usually don’t photograph my parents, they don’t let me do because they are a little shy, but at the moment they let me take pictures. Maybe they feel bad because I can’t photograph anymore for my ongoing projects and that my exhibitions and artist residencies have been cancelled or postponed. So, I started a Confinement diary documenting what we are going through by photographing my parents, their activities, the little park where they take their dog for walks and details of their home. To see more pictures, please click on the link

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