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6x6 Talent Program by World Press Photo
m'hammed kilito
Jun 10, 2020
Today I received the great news that I was selected for the 6x6 Talent Program by World Press Photo

“M’hammed Kilito is a Moroccan photographer with a stunning visual style, as well as a thirst for finding new ways of telling stories. He is very enthusiastic as well as inquisitive, with a desire to help change our industry by encouraging the work of photographers from developing countries.” - Olivier Laurent, France, Foreign Photo Editor, The Washington Post, and 6x6 nominator.

M’hammed Kilito is an independent photographer based in Rabat, Morocco. As a documentary photographer, he addresses issues relating to cultural identity and the human condition. His work begins with a long period of meticulous academic research and field investigations on sociopolitical concepts. Kilito holds a Master of Arts in Political Science from Ottawa University and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Montreal. He has worked in different parts of the world, with a focus on Morocco. For more info click on the following link.

M'hammed Kilito Photography

M'hammed Kilito is Moroccan photographer based in Rabat, Morocco. He is represented internationally by Loft Art Gallery and Native Agency.
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